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Personal lubricants have come a long way from the days of KY. Companies have poured vast sums of money into research and development of personal lubricants that will outperform the competitors. Available now is a huge range, water based, silicone based, hybrid, flavoured, light or dense, warming, cooling, the list just keeps on growing.

So, what is it all about and what should you be using?

The answer is never as simple as the question. Between personal preferences and market availability this is an issue that can get complicated.

So, let’s put personal choice aside and start examining the facts. We will address the three questions one at the time and by the time you finish reading this you should be an expert, or at least be wise enough to make the right choices. If not, you can always drop by your nearest Adult Shop where staff will point you to the product that conforms to your specific needs.


A very good question that someone who does not use lubricants will ask. The answer is twofold. Personal Lubricants are first and foremost exactly what the description says. They are key to aid in vaginal dryness which affects 19% percent of women. This percentage increases with age and studies show that 34% percent of women over the age of 50 are affected. The causes are diverse and can include lack of arousal, not enough foreplay or the most common cause – stress. Vaginal dryness is a common condition and should not have a negative effect in your sex life. Hence, the use of a personal lubricant will not only resolve the condition but may also allow you to discover and explore new frontiers in your sex repertoire.

Lubricants also reduce friction during intercourse thereby making the lovemaking process longer and more pleasurable. Lubricants are also great for masturbation. For this reason alone, the use of a lubricant is not only recommended but it has become an integral part of most people’s sex routine.

And, of course, lubricant is a must for use with any sex toy for a slippery slide feeling that allows the user to have complete control of the intended sex toy functionality.

Bottom line, lubricants just make sex and self pleasing so much better.


A personal lubricant can be used for every sexual activity, whether it is masturbation, foreplay, oral sex, anal sex, intercourse or in conjunction with your favourite toys. Some lubricants can also be used for massage and body to body rubs. The important thing to remember is that you can never use too much lubricant. The more wet and slippery, the more fun you and your partner are going to have.


With the ever growing range in the market choosing the right lubricant should not be a daunting task. Although there are many brands in the market we are not going to help you choose a brand. Choosing a brand is your choice. Ask your local adult store for a recommendation. As a general rule you get what you pay for. Sometimes spending a bit more will get you a better lubricant. Also, it is good to keep in mind that usually the bigger the bottle the cheaper per volume. Instead of discussing brands and preferences, we are going to keep it simple and list the most popular types of lubricants that are widely available and give you a short description of what we consider to be the correct uses for them.

Water Based Lubricants: old school, the traditional lube, unflavoured and unscented. Great for masturbation, intercourse, and with your favourite toys. Can be used for anal play or anal intercourse. Safe for silicone toys. Not great for oral sex as it has a mild flavour from ingredient components. Easy to wash off with water or wipe off with paper or cloth towel. Will not stain cloth.

Silicone Based Lubricants: the lubricant that’s just one step ahead of everything else. This is our top choice. Lasts longer than any other lube and does not dry out. Unflavoured and unscented. Use sparingly, a few millilitres goes a long way. Super slick, this lube will open new avenues to any user. The only lubricant that stays slick underwater – think bath, shower, jacuzzi or any other underwater sex. Very smooth and silky, feels warm to the touch, super slippery, the list can just go on. The best lube for anal play and intercourse. Great for massage and body to body rubs. Not good for silicone toys and oral sex. Have to be washed off with soap and water. Will stain cloth, therefore we advise the use of a PVC bed sheet.

Flavoured Lubricants: a relatively late comer into the market, flavoured lubricants primarily address the issue of oral sex. Infused with fun flavours, from strawberry to pina-colada and everything in between these are great for oral. The use of artificial flavours and sweeteners make them pleasant to the taste buds. But, in our humble opinion, that’s pretty much all they good for. Reports of adverse reactions when used for intercourse are fairly common. The additional ingredients in flavoured lubricants (flavours, sweeteners, stabilizers, etc.) can sometimes react with the vaginal good bacteria leading to irritation or mild infection. Also, these tend to be sticky after a couple of minutes of use. So, we do not recommend for intercourse. On the plus side, it will not stain your sheets and can be easily washed off with water or wiped off.

Sensation Lubricants: an interesting twist on the traditional lube these are usually water based with an added ingredient to instil a sensation when used. The most common are warming, cooling, tingling and numbing. They are fun to use and put a twist into usual routine. Also, they are really exciting to use as both partners get the full effect of the intended purpose of the lube. Our advice is test them first by mixing with a water based lube or use sparingly or the gentle version, as the sensation can be overwhelming at first. Also, unless you have a numbing lube, all other sensation lubes are not advised for anal play or anal sex. As you get used to the different sensations increase the volume you use until you know what is a comfortable level for you. Easily washed off with water or wiped off and will not stain.

Hybrid Lubricants: neither water based nor silicone based, but a mixture of the two, this is the one to be avoided. Feels good as you start but quickly becomes sticky and tacky. Also, often it is a whitish looking cream which puts off the user. What looked like a great idea simply turns into a great disappointment. Will stain sheets.

Now that you have insight into the slippery world of personal lubrication, go get some. Your best options are to purchase at your nearest Adult Sex Store, where staff staff is trained on the different types of lube or to buy online where information such as this article can help you make a decision. Explore the different types. Build a range in your secret cupboard. Enjoy with your partner or by yourself. Whatever you do, if there is sexual activity involved, make sure the lube is a part of it.

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